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Unmanned Aerial Systems UAS for Commerial and Residential Real Estate
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) today are rapidly expanding and are highly valuable technology services for many professionals. Data can be quickly captured and is often used to visualize job site conditions, review surveying and mapping observations, measure points and features Digital Surface Models (DSM's) and checking quantities among a host of others uses.

ABS is now striving to set new industry standards to improve our client’s efficiencies and deliverables. We are proud to provide even more range and depth to our portfolio by offering affordable UAS imaging solutions for: Agricultural, Construction & Engineering, Roofing & Structural Inspections, Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Cell Tower Inspection, Bridge Inspection, and many others.

ABS also provides 3D Tours, Professional Photography, and Aerial Cinematography to showcase your client's business or home to prospective buyers. Our 3D Tours offer a comprehensive, user friendly, and visually engaging way to explore any property online. Aerial Video gives viewers a whole new perspective and our Professional Photography will capture your space with stunning clarity. .

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