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Video Production
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Video is a very powerful communications tool today. Nothing comes as close to a one-on-one conversation, or appeals to more of the human senses than video. With the right combination of visual images and sound captured, you can create an unmatched emotional impact with your audience using video. So whether your company is large or small, manufacturing or service oriented, there are numerous applications to effectively communicate your message using video produced by ABS.


ABS specialize in video production for businesses, and consumers, from script to screen. We can help you capture the attention of potential customers with an impressive marketing video that can be distributed online, LIVE, or on-demand. Businesses can also benefit by demonstrating their products and services, or even have a virtual "tour" of their facilities. Your best sales people can only be in one place at a time, but a marketing video can deliver your presentation in thosands of places simultaneously.


Is your new product ready to hit the market? Why not demonstrate your new product in a video! Many products only show their best side when demonstrated live. Studies have shown that people remember 50% more from visuals than from print. As the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words...and video contains 30 pictures per second! Video can also be used as a teaching aid to share education, properly train employees, or even communicate new business strategies to your team members around the world.


If you have a presentation that needs to be delivered time and time again, video can streamline your operations. ABS has a long track record of producing videos. No matter how complicated the subject matter may be, our great visuals make it easy to understand and learn. How many times have you struggled with the assembly of a simple book shelf, yet felt perfectly confident that you could remodel a house after watching a Bob Vila show? The difference is video. Let us put it to work for you today!


And finally, consumer can also benefit from our full-service, video production that includes: weddings, personal biographies, special events, and much more!


Please call 1-508-824-6380, click, or visit us today to learn more!

Professional Male & Female Voice Over Talent

Voice over services involve recording audio with the help of a male or female professional voice artist, who are specialised in the type of recording requested by our clients. The original text is followed to the letter and when the final product is delivered, it can be used right away without the need of any further editing.

so when it comes to voice talent, all you need to do is provide us with the material you want us to produce the voice over for and let us do the rest!

Click here to listen to our professional female voices.

Click here to listen to our professional male voices.

Click here to watch our female talent using a green screen.

Our Services Includes:

Video Learning Center

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